How to Launch a Blog Successfully

What’s your definition of launching a blog successfully?

Is it making at least $100,000 in the first year and having at least 20,000 subscribers?

That’s completely false.

The sustainability of your blog depends on how you start. A blog launch should mark the beginning of something new whether it’s a tangible product or a blog. If you want to launch a blog, don’t go for a niche that’s already concentrated.  Brainstorm new ideas and strategies that’ll let you launch your blog with a blast!




You need to answer some important questions before taking a huge step like launching a blog.

What gap do you want to fill? What makes you different from other bloggers in your niche? How will your blog’s presence be felt if your audience could get the same content elsewhere?

Answering those questions honestly should set a guardrail for you to prepare to launch your blog with some brilliant ideas.

You’d also have to invest in the quality of your content. Now, what’s next?

Before hitting the publish button, realize that getting readers is not up to fate smiling on you, and you can’t approach it the same way established bloggers do.

Find a unique idea that is aligned with your niche and still addresses a wide range of your audience at the same time. For example, you could take advantage of a trending social media challenges, modify it, and link it with your first article.

Approach your launch as a guerilla advertising strategy. This means exposing your first-time readers to something new that they can identify as yours and look forward to more of (a.k.a. become subscribers). Always add a fresh new twist to your blog that’s not in other blogs.



You should write down targets and goals (with deadlines) with ideas about how to meet them. With that in mind, when opportunities arise, you can decipher and choose which ones would get you closer to your goals in record time.

For instance, you get an offer to pay $150 for an ad for your blog, and by your calculations, the ad should give you access to 10, 000 more people.

By your assessment, you should know the impact this exposure will have on your subscription list and your blog’s finance and make a decision about if it’s a valuable investment or not. You should understand and take advantage of opportunities that’ll ensure you have a successful blog launch.



Ignorance is not bliss, it is a huge stumbling block. There’s a lot of technology you can access and harness to give your visitors a unique feel when they visit your website.

There are ways to self-host your blog, modify your blog’s theme, and improve the performance of your blog that won’t require much sacrifice. All you need to do is find them.

You also need to know the limitations and flexibility you’ll experience based on the platform you choose to launch your blog on. For instance, if you decide to launch on WordPress, there are many tools available so don’t be afraid to explore how you can make the most of them.



You’ll know you’re pushing out great content when your readers go out of their way to promote your blog.

They won’t get to that point if they don’t find your articles worth sharing with other people. Put yourself in the shoes of your reader and decide if you would share your content after reading.

You should constantly challenge yourself to improve your writing. You can also start using Pinterest, Moz, and Google Adwords planner to strategically create content for your readers.

Each article you write should not depend on your feelings but on your readers. So, research what they need and draft out a compelling post that’ll drive them to promote your blog.


Follow up, marketing leads, and more subscriptions are what you can get with emails. You can leverage those benefits and introduce products and services to your contacts.

To do email marketing, pick a reliable tool that’ll allow you to send appealing emails to your readers. Then decide how often you want to send them (weekly is recommended).

Also, remember that your email listings may be different from your subscribers’ contact so be careful. Your emails are your tools for marketing your brand, blog, and products. So, emails are indispensable for a less-than-a-year successful blog.

Since you’ve started your blog, you can go ahead and launch now (after these steps) and begin to countdown to the end of the first year when you’d have your money in the bag and more opportunities to grow!

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