The Ultimate Guide to Making Money Blogging

How To Start Making Money With Your Blog

The Ultimate Guide to Making Money Blogging

There’s no limit to the exposures and experiences you can have when you blog, especially financially. Maybe you are one of those you haven’t yet figured out how bloggers do it because you’ve not had firsthand experience. There’s proof of the financial potential of having a functional and steady blog.  There are things you cannot afford to ignore if you want to make the most of your blogging experience through monetization.

  • Hosting

Although there are platforms that allow you to host your website for little or no cost, it is recommended to self-host your site using, through Bluehost. The main reason is, those involved in the blogging game that could be significant contributors (readers, companies) to your financial freedom through blogging would have a first impression of you, and your blog and the nature of that impression depends on what platform you chose to host your site. Self-hosting also saves you from seeming tacky to visitors to your site, and you also have absolute control of your blog.

  • Traffic

Although traffic is not a major determinant of money making in blogging, it enhances. The truth is, you don’t need so many readers before you can start getting an income from blogging, but you’d need to work on growing them regardless because they still make immense contributions to the state of your blog’s finance. The relevance of a vast audience space is to improve your chances of getting paid through the purchase of a product or otherwise.

  • Money Making Blog Avenues

You can take advantage of many money-making options like affiliate marketing, display ads, ebooks and blog sponsorships.

For most bloggers, affiliate income is the highest contributor to their blogging income. There’s so much you can make from actively using affiliate links especially when you have in-depth knowledge or a good understanding of how it works. Affiliate marketing involves you getting paid for promoting a product or service that you love. If you enjoyed using a product, you can review it and provide access for your readers to purchase the product by including the link to the product on your site. Many products allow for affiliate marketing programs. A significant affiliate program you should engage is the Amazon’s Affiliate Program because it covers a wide range of products. To make the most of affiliate marketing, have a recommendations section on your blog where you can have a lot of products and services (that you have used and were highly satisfied with). Your readers could make the most of the links. Explain how to use the products and their advantages, let your links be clear and engage a healthy rapport with your affiliate manager.

‘Display ads’ is literally displaying an advertisement in any location on your blog; below a post, beside a post, in the sidebar. Some companies give display ads to bloggers such as Adsense and Displaying advertisements is a great way to earn money blogging as you can increase your income on it by improving your traffic. So, you get paid based on the number of views the advert receives from your site.

Blog sponsorships are payments you receive for advertisements, links, posts, reviews or newsletters from external sources that you put up on your blog. Access to such sponsorships is relatively easy when your website is up and running.

Ebooks could become main contributors to a blogger’s income. They also offer flexibility as your readers don’t have to access it just on your blog but also on other platforms like Kindle and Amazon.

The great thing about ebooks is that they give you your product to sell. As a blogger, you don’t have to promote everyone else’s product through affiliate links, sponsorships or adverts but also yours, through ebooks. They give some form of convenience to readers than having to read a lengthy blog post. You could convert some of your highly detailed posts to ebooks and sell them at a reasonable price. The prices placed on your books should depend on how much value you are offering. Online courses are also exclusive products you can have and leverage on to make a good income.

Other ways you could add to your blog’s income is through freelancing and writing for others. You should note that the money you get from such avenues depends on what is seen in your blog.

  • Saying No

When you have a target to make a certain amount of money from your blog, be careful not to lose yourself by taking any and every opportunity that may come your way. You would need to reject and let go of some offers for the sake of your credibility. For instance, you should not place reviews on your blog for products that you do not personally believe in. Also, some display ads may show you off as shady to your readers and visitors so keep them out. Even in striving to make high income from blogging, free your site from clutter.

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