What is a Blog? The Definitive Guide for the Clueless

What is a Blog? The Definitive Guide for the Clueless


Ideally, the name ‘blog’ is a truncation of ‘weblog’ which is literally a log for the web. That suggests that a blog is a series of entries on a website that give information on the particular subject. Inferences gathered from bloggers in 2018 indicate that a blog could be a medium for maximum expression, avenue for passive income, platform for flexibility, entrepreneurial independence, a tool for marketing and so much more. It could also just be a website or an online journal for some people. The definition(s) of a blog lie(s) on the perspective of the person defining it.

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A blog is a personal space.

From recording details about your experiences and adventures to sharing thoughts, tips, and lessons learned from your experiences; blogging could be a fun way to document your life. You can decide to make it private or to share your space with like-minded people.

A blog is a learning experience.

As you share your experiences with others, you will be compelled to conduct researches on whatever you may be blogging about. This exposes you to so much more learning experience you would not have if you did not blog. A blog is a constantly evolving platform for learning for everyone.

A blog is unhackneyed.

It is a platform with no form of stereotypes, whatsoever. That’s some good news because it means anybody could blog. It is not limited to some people with specific qualifications. Hispanics, whites, blacks, male, female, atheist, Muslim, no matter who you are or what you do, if you decide you want to start blogging, you go ahead and do so. There are no barricades or restrictions put up to discourage people from blogging. New bloggers are always welcome to join the platform.

A blog is an avenue for intellectual freedom.

The beauty of blogging is that in no small extent, you get to be the ultimate decision maker of the affairs of your blog. You decide what you want to blog about, how you want to blog about it, where and when you want to blog. There is no limit to what you can blog about.

A blog creates opportunities.

So many questions have been answered just because someone decided to blog about them. From creating job opportunities to answering questions, bloggers everywhere are taking advantage of the chance to be solution providers through their blogs. Blogging gives bloggers the privilege to meet the needs of others to the extent of their ability. Everyone has something another needs and blogging is one of the ways through which you can give a solution to a person in need of it even without meeting them.

A blog is a community.

The connections that have been made and could be made from one blog are endless. It just takes one similar interest to connect two people. Blogging creates an open community that gives potential members the opportunity to become a part of it when they are searching. It allows people from different parts of the world to come together and engage in conversations that pique their interests. Because of blogs, people can belong to as many communities as they please.

A blog is a teacher.

You can try it now and search for ‘how to make corn soup’ and chances are, there is a blog giving a detailed description of all you need to make corn soup. With technological advancements and flexibility on the internet growing exponentially, there is barely anything one cannot learn to do by just typing into a search engine. Blogs have taken advantage of this and bloggers are continually making updates so that there is always an avenue to teach someone curious to know.

A blog is an influencer.

Indecision drives people to search for answers on the internet. Blogs have been able to drive decisions made by people based on the experiences of others in the past which were shared. With time, some people can rely on some bloggers because of the credibility they have been able to establish. This gives room for further influence.

A blog is a money maker.

Many bloggers are open to sharing their income reports to encourage skeptical bloggers to join the blogging train. The limit to the income you can make from blogging depends on the investment you are willing to put into it. Blogging creates so many avenues for making money. You could sell products, sell services, make referrals, write blog posts, put up ads or become an affiliate for companies. It’s all up to you to decide what money-making strategy to adopt from a blog.

Again, a blog is anything you want it to be. You need to have an interest, willingness and commitment to make it into what you desire.

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