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10 Things Not To Do When Starting A Blog

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10 Things Not To Do When Starting A Blog

Bloggers have a lot to gain from following a few dos and don’ts while running their blogs. The do’s and don’ts are not strict rules that one must follow; they are merely guidelines to help you build a successful blogging business. There are a few common mistakes that bloggers make, and you can avoid them.

Bloggers have a lot to gain from following a few dos and don’ts while running their blogs. The do’s and don’ts are not strict rules that one must follow

Here are some of the things not to do when starting a Blog

  • Don’t Expect Everything To Be Free

One of the most important things not to do when starting a Blog is not to expect to always get things for free.

If you want your blog to generate income, then you have to be prepared to invest in it. Running a successful blog will cost you, especially if you want to keep getting better and keep up with the reading public. From improving your writing skills to getting plugins, creating a website, domain name, SEO, you will have to pay to play. Be open to knowing and willing to pay for those things that would be good investments for your blog. Believe it or not, when your entire blog is almost built on freebies, there is a limit to how much you can make from it.

  • Don’t Focus On Broad Topics

This is an area that can be misleading for new bloggers. You may want to write an article on a trending topic that is too broad for you to handle with your experience. Avoid those topics for now. Accommodate narrower and more specific topics as they target a particular audience that could gradually become your readership and even customers. Be more focused on blogging about your niche. After all, it is the primary reason you started blogging in the first place.

  • Don’t Write Merely From Observation

So, you have many ideas, and you want to share them. Everyone else does so you have to build yours from facts and current data. Carry out thorough research and adopt the use of numbers. Your blog posts should not just be based on how you feel or your perspective. Your point of view on a topic is not enough to compel a reader to stick around to read your blog.

  • Don’t Plagiarize

You would not get away by outrightly publishing another blogger’s articles (or pictures). Readers notice such things. Besides, you could even get penalized by search engines and your investment in your blog would be a waste. Learn how to cite the works of others and also provide links to their articles on your blog.

  • Don’t Blog Just When You Feel Like It

Blogging is a responsibility that you have chosen to undertake. Don’t leave it to chance by being careless. Be consistent when you blog. Let readers look forward to your next blog post. You build credibility from your readership and also traffic.

  • Don’t Be Satisfied With The Visitors

It’s easy to get comfortable when you see an increase in visits to your site. It is not the only evidence of your growth. You need to gain subscribers as well. Install avenues for building an email list and subscriptions.

  • Don’t Ignore Comments

You would not want to seem like a snub to your readers so even when you do not feel like it; you would need to reply some of the comments, questions and suggestions your readers leave by your posts. It shows that you care about your readers and you are in tune with their needs.

  • Don’t Skip Records

Finances, number of visits, subscriptions, email lists, personal and featured posts should be recorded. It does not have to be complicated. You could use Microsoft Excel to take down your records. It helps you monitor your growth and manage your finances. You could also be able to cut down or redirect costs with time from the trends you notice in your records.

  • Don’t Undermine Clarity

A great blog is one with posts free from many pop-ups and distractions. You should include adverts from time to time with links to other sites but don’t pile them up on your blog such that your content can’t even be read without per-second distractions.

  • Don’t Do It Alone

You already know you should do it and do it now. There’s great news- you don’t have to do it alone. Join a community of bloggers like yourself; both new and experienced. There is a wealth of wisdom you can gain from being a part of blogging communities. You would always see further when you stand on the shoulders of those who have gone ahead of you.

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