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10 Ways To Afford To Travel The World

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10 Ways To Afford To Travel The World

10 Ways To Afford To Travel The World

Being broke is a significant limitation to our dreams and fantasies- especially the ones that involve looking for ways to travel the world. If we all had the means to go anywhere and everywhere, chances are we would always be on the move. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Even with unlimited resources, there are other factors, like family and work, that keep us where we are.

Regardless, lack of money is a major reason why many people don’t pursue their dreams of exploring the world. However, don’t fret, there are solutions, and they require basic steps such as planning, compromising and setting priorities. Here are great ideas of ways to travel the world:

  • Plan

Traveling around the world is not an unrealistic dream to have. It can be done even if you are not a trust-fund kid or you don’t earn a six-figure salary. However, you have to set realistic goals to achieve that dream. Now, what you need to do is make strategic plans to accommodate the expenses that traveling would incur.

Start with carrying out extensive research on all the places you would like to go and discover the hacks you could apply to cut down cost and still enjoy your trip. You should also look for tips and reviews from past tourists to your intended destination.

You don’t have to go bankrupt or sell all you have to sponsor your travel. Once you have a list of places to start from and their estimated costs, make a comparison between your dreams (cost of the trip) and reality (money in your pocket). This step helps you know if you can afford that trip in your current state or if you need to make some adjustments.


  • Work

There are three major aspects to this suggestion. The first is as a solution to obtaining an additional income stream. Having side jobs is nothing new, many people do it so they can meet their needs and still be able to afford some luxury.  There are so many opportunities to earn more money, and one of the most popular ways people turn to is online work. There are several online jobs, and most of them don’t require much experience, they also offer flexibility and space. All you need to get some of these jobs is an open mind while you search. You can check out popular sites like Upwork and Fiverr for such opportunities.

There are also several jobs that allow you to travel around the world without burning a hole through your pocket. You can be a flight attendant, pilot, geologist, bartender, English teacher, au pair and there are even railroad jobs that offer this opportunity. This is an excellent option as it gives you the privilege to be paid to travel and you can always consider the possibility.

You could also work where you want to travel. If you are a student, you may choose to apply for scholarships to those places that pique your interests.


  • Save

Saving is hard work, and unless you are superhuman, you probably hate it. However, if you are not earning tons of money consistently and you want to afford some of life’s luxuries, then you have to save money. There are many ways to go about saving for travel; you can try automated savings, putting money in a travel fund or investing in an option that gives reasonable returns. You can also create a spreadsheet detailing your travel itinerary and budget, that way you have an estimate of the amount you need and you are not likely to go overboard. Be sure to take steps that would help you maintain discipline and not lose your focus.


  • Find Great Bargains

Even though this sounds too good to be true, free flights and highly discounted deals exist. There are so many platforms that offer services to potential globetrotters like yourself such as travel budget calculators, finding free and discounted flights, cheap hotels and avenues for sharing economy, amongst others. You have to dedicate yourself to finding them. Many credit card companies give such rewards for constant usage such as gaining miles. Take advantage of reward cards and earn points via your banking transactions. Many people can fly around the world for free today because of free flights, and you can do that too. You could also take advantage of discounted train tickets, living with the locals of the area and other sharing economy methods.

Platforms you could check out for great deals when traveling include Skyscanner, Airbnb, and hostelworld.


  • Watch the Season

You may have a reasonable budget set aside for a trip but the timing matters as well. Travelling isn’t always the same as going on holiday. Pick a low-tourist-season time of the year to go to cut down many costs.


  • Get Rid of some Bills

You plan to travel around for a while, and you still have bills to pay while away; make some adjustments. For instance, you could rent out your apartment to a fellow traveler like yourself coming into your city instead of being the one to pay when you are away. Find ways to get rid of your mortgage, car loan and utility bills or at least reduce them significantly.

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  • Manage Priorities

There are many things you possess now that seem essential to you but aren’t nearly as important as your dream of globe-trotting. Declutter to get rid of them. The sports equipment and flat-screen TVs lie around unused while you rack your brain looking for another way to make some more money. Don’t get used to the idea of just having things around that you fail to state and address more critical priorities. Look around and rid yourself of those things that increase your expenses.


  • Take the Long Route

More often than not, the longest routes are usually the cheapest especially when there are no free or discounted flight tickets. They typically consist of train and bus rides, and you get to see a lot more places. This is a win-win.

  • Maximize your Money

There are more than enough ways to let go of money without batting an eyelid especially when on the move. Just stepping out of the plane, there are opportunities to trade currencies and what not. You’ve got to be careful. It is much more profitable to get a debit card from a company that refunds international charges than to rely on the exchange rates of those that trade currency.

  • Share

There is love in sharing; there is also money in it. You’ll be surprised what people are willing to pay for. You could fund your travel lifestyle by helping others start theirs. Having a travel blog is an option, though highly demanding. You could opt for things like photography and writing for those who already have travel blogs. Give suggestions and recommendations to those looking to go somewhere you’ve gone. The knowledge of helping others with experience you’ve had is both fulfilling and rewarding.