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4 Steps To Finding Your Dream Niche For Your Blog

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4 Steps To Finding Your Dream Niche For Your Blog

You may already know your niche, especially if you have something you are passionate about and wish to share with the world. If you don’t have anything to blog about, it may be a bit difficult to find that dream niche. You may be passionate about many things or nothing, and the niche you choose has to be something you like, and it has to be profitable.

But first, why do you need a niche?

If you are running your blog as a hobby and not a business, then you don’t have to focus on one thing. You can blog about whatever you like. However, if you see yourself earning an income from your blog at any point, you have to have a blog focus.

This is important because when you target your content to a specific audience, they are more likely to keep coming back and to become loyal readers. Your readers look up to you as an expert on that niche, and it becomes easier to sell them things like ebooks, courses, products, services and to recommend products as an affiliate.

Some niches are more profitable than others but whichever one you choose depends solely on you and if you are into blogging for profit or much more.

You can identify a great niche with a few criteria; market size, business model, profitability, passion, and scalability.


There are a few more things you can do to identify a blogging niche that you will love.

  • Make a list of possible niches

This is quite easy. You can create a list of things that you love, topics that you are passionate about, stuff that you are good at doing or things that you have academic or corporate experience in. Write down these ideas and consult them when you need to.

  • Create a broad category and sub-sections

When you have made a list of possible niches, it is time to shortlist them. Cut down the list to topics that you are sure you can blog about, then create sub-topics under each category. Under these sub-topics, you can write possible topics that you can post on the blog. This is to ensure that you won’t run out ideas on the topic you have chosen or get stuck at some future date.

  • Check for profitability

If you plan to earn an income from your blog, then you have to choose a profitable niche. It’s difficult to know what’s profitable and what isn’t, but a good way to check is to find another successful blog that’s making a profit.

Luckily, there are several blogs out there that probably have the same niche that you do so all you need to do is search. However, if you can’t find a blog that’s successful in that niche, then you shouldn’t blog about it either.

  • Business model

Your blog is your business, and you should treat it as such. A typical business has a business model, and you should have one too. Think about what you want to sell to your readers. It could be courses, an ebook, sponsored posts, banner ads or you could be an affiliate. Don’t expect to make money from your niche from the get-go, give it some time especially if the niche is not one of the most profitable ones.

You may have to rely on some ads like Google Adsense to monetize.

It is also important to note that picking a niche does not mean that you should limit yourself. You can avoid this by not choosing a blog name restricts you to a narrow topic or a small niche that won’t keep your readers coming back for more.

A good niche will give you room to grow and expand. It will be profitable, and it won’t confine you to narrow topics. It will also be a good fit with your passion and experience, and it will align with your business model.