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5 Things You Need To Get More Traffic From Pinterest

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5 Things You Need To Get More Traffic From Pinterest

So many people underestimate Pinterest and how much it can do to increase traffic to a blog. Its common knowledge that Pinterest is great for sharing recipes and DIY projects, but there is so much more bloggers stand to gain from this social media platform. Pinterest has the potential to be a marketing goldmine for bloggers if they would only utilize its features. Pinterest also has some advantages over more popular platforms like Twitter.

Some common advantages Pinterest has over Twitter includes:

  • A pin can drive up to six-page views and two page visits
  • A pin is a hundred times more spreadable than your average tweet

Moreover, the life of a pin is one week compared to Facebook which is ninety minutes or Twitter which is twenty-four minutes.

Bloggers, website owners or online marketers can make an impact on Pinterest and turn it into a referral source for social traffic. However, there are ways to optimize your Pinterest account to get more traffic, some of these ways include;

1. Signing Up For A Business Account

You can either choose to convert your existing account to a business account or sign up for a free business account. When you create the business account, you will be given access to Pinterest analytics after you have verified your website with Pinterest. The analytics shows you relevant information about your pins’ behavior.

Another option is to apply for rich pins which provide more information than your average pin. Rich pins come in five different types; article, product, app, recipe and movie, each of these have pin upgrades such as real-time pricing and a direct link to your website.


Article pins are quite useful for bloggers as you can promote your blog posts with a more prominent headline, your logo and a link back to your website. You can quickly set it up with WordPress plugins.


Some additional features you can use to optimize your Pinterest are;

  • Pinterest Guides which help you get started with pinning, analytics, and optimizing boards.
  • Tools which help you reach more people.
  • Marketing Blog which helps you learn marketing tips for Pinterest.
  • Video Library which you can use to watch tutorial videos on how to optimize your campaign and more.


2. Focusing On Copy Description

A pin comes with a description below that informs the reader on what the pin is about, for most bloggers, the blog title and description of the post usually suffices.  

As a blogger, you probably want to optimize your pin’s potential, so you have to go the extra mile.


There are a few tips you can use for this;

  • Make sure your pin is helpful: that is, make it easier for fellow pinners to find it with an accurate description.
  • Make sure it is detailed: always explain what your pin is about and put enough information to lure pinners to click through to your blog.


3. Choosing The Right Time To Pin

Gathering a large following or many views on social media is sometimes as simple as posting your content at the right time. Pinterest shows several pins every hour of the day, and your aim should be to develop a marketing strategy that will ensure you get the most repins so that your content is frequently available to new users.


An excellent way to achieve this is to pin when your target audience is on Pinterest. The peak time for most pins is Saturday morning and Friday evening for fashion and retail pins. The worst time to pin is during regular working hours.

You can easily find out your audience’s demographics from Pinterest analytics.


4. Joining A Group Board

An excellent strategy for generating more traffic to your blog is joining a Pinterest group board. Group boards are community boards where fellow pinners can pin and the more popular a group board it is, the better.

Group boards can also help you grow a more significant following especially if you regularly pin to the board.


5. Creating Pin-worthy Images

Images are attractive, hence the wild success of social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Beautiful, good-quality images are alluring, and they can make a massive difference to your website, and the best images can be optimized for increased engagement.


A pin worthy image has a few characteristics that ensure your links get clicked on. They include:

  • Size: your image has to be the right size, and for Pinterest, this means vertical images with an aspect ratio of 2:3 or 4:5.
  • Quality: the more stunning the image is, the higher the chances of maximum engagement. To create a stunning image, include vibrant colors, contextual background, lightness and exclude human faces. Keep it simple, keep your branding and logo to a minimal and use high-quality images.
  • Text: It is always a good idea to include text in your images for them to draw more attention and generate traffic for your blog.