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52 Ideas For Blog Posts When You Have No Idea What To Write

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52 Ideas for blog posts

52 Ideas For Blog Posts When You Have No Idea What To Write

Almost every writer in the history of the world has suffered from writer’s block at some point or another; it’s a cardinal rule of writing. Having writer’s block can either lead to you producing low-quality content or no content at all.

When you don’t produce any content a few times, your readers interpret it as a lack of consistency, and you don’t want that.

Blogging is hard, and it’s understandable when you are unable to keep up and wow your readers every week. On top of that, you also have to worry continually about the business aspect of blogging, but if you want to avoid disappointing your readers, then you have to get to work.

If you are out of ideas for your blog posts, here are some options you can try.

  • Give Insights on Your Industry

A lot of your readers are probably curious about what you do and how you do it. It is even possible that some of them want to learn to do it too, so why not teach them?

No business exists in isolation; you belong to a network and chances are some people read your posts and have things to share with you. You can share your ideas on

  1. Things you want to change in your industry
  2. Innovative ideas
  3. Things every business owner needs to master
  4. Practices to avoid in your line of work
  5. Things the industry tends to ignore
  6. Emerging trends in your industry you need to watch out for
  7. Trends to avoid
  8. Simple rules for success
  9. Things about your business you should not ignore
  10. The thing that scares you most about your work and industry
  • Talk About Your Business

Running a business is hard, and many people want to know how you do it, especially if you appear to be good at it. There may be readers who want to partner with you or do business with you, sharing posts about your work will encourage them to reach out to you. Some post ideas are;

  1. Your work behind-the-scenes
  2. Some of the biggest mistakes you’ve made in your business
  3. Answer the most pressing questions from your readers
  4. Your biggest regrets in your business
  5. How you became successful in our work
  6. Some things you mastered to grow your business
  7. The art of building a business
  8. How you got started
  9. Stuff you stopped doing to improve your business
  10. Business hacks that helped you grow your business
  11. Critical elements of your work
  • Talk About Your Favourite Aspects Of The Business

Readers want recommendations and referrals; they want to know what you love and why you love it. Your recommendations provide value to your audience and an income for you.

  1. Your favorite business resources
  2. Your favorite books
  3. Your favorite quotes
  4. Reviews of some of your favorite things
  5. Your favorite blogs
  6. Useful apps you use every day
  7. Your least favorite things
  8. Your favorite podcasts
  9. Your go-to tools
  10. Favorite things your readers may not know about
  11. Any other favorites you may have
  • Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks from other people with experience help us to navigate life, and your readers will appreciate them. Don’t hesitate to share what you know with them, tricks you can share include;

  1. Simple ideas to …
  2. Ways to grow …
  3. Your best tips for…
  4. Strategies to simplify …
  5. Places you get inspiration
  6. Your most popular posts
  7. How to start doing …
  8. The 10-minute fix to doing …
  9. Pro tips for …
  10. Things you learned at …event
  • Share Lessons You Have Learned

We all learn lessons every day, if you are a business owner you’re probably learning lessons every minute. Share your experiences with your readers, so they know what you are going through and how you deal with them. Share lessons on things

  1. You wish you knew about
  2. The biggest business lesson you’ve learned
  3. Something you’ve learned in the past year
  4. Unexpected lessons you’ve learned
  5. The best advice you’ve ever received
  6. Lessons from …
  7. The one thing nobody tells you about
  8. Tips you learned from …
  9. … lessons learned from working a 9 -5
  10. … things you wish you knew before