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83 Ways to Earn Money Blogging

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83 Ways to Earn Money Blogging

If you are looking to make money off your blog, you need to look beyond just your articles. You can make money from your blog, but not directly. There are many ways you can take advantage of your website and make money and a few are highlighted in this article.

  • Products (things you can create and sell for a profit);
  1. Ebooks or courses
  2. Online courses. Using WordPress plugins such as learndash and teachable, you can easily create professional and interesting courses for your viewers. You can leverage on the following platforms for your online courses;
  1. Udemy
  2. ProProfs
  3. Digital Chalk
  4. OpenSesame
  5. Pathwright
  6. CourseMerchant
  1. Membership site. As you build a highly significant number of following, you could convert your blog into a membership site such that to access information, one would have to sign up or you could have premium content that would require some form of paid subscription. You could use any of the following for premium content;
  1. Pivotshare. Exclusively for your premium videos.
  2. Piano
  3. Cleeng
  1. Podcasts. Especially with iTunes, releasing podcasts is a great way to reach a new audience and connect with them. When you get a large number of listeners, you can reach out to sponsors and advertisers to place adverts on your podcasts.
  2. Video series. You could have a step-by-step video series explaining a particular concept to your viewers which would be like the visual aspect of an online course they may have to pay for. You could also have the videos for free, but get advertisers to pay for advert space on your videos.
  3. Coupons website. You can take advantage of a coupon niche and showcase relevant coupons to your viewers. It may be tasking because of the need to keep it updated but the affiliate income made is rewarding.
  4. Jobs board website. You can earn income from a jobs site via payment from businesses looking to share their openings on your site. You can set up your job board using;
  1. Web jobs
  2. 9 to 5 WordPress Theme
  3. Jobify WordPress Theme
  4. WPJobboard WordPress Plugin
  1. Run webinars. Although it may be a lot of hard work, hosting webinars is a powerful money generating method for your blog. You must have built a good following and provide original and valuable information to achieve success with your webinar. Webinars on air is a great tool you can use to create good webinars for your viewers.
  2. E-commerce store. You can use WordPress WooCommerce plugin to create an online store with your website for sales of your products and eventually, others’.
  3. Daily affirmations.
  4. Learn to play an instrument course.
  5. Time management course.
  6. Money saving tips for new parents.
  7. Becoming debt free ebook.
  8. Storytime videos for kids.
  9. Speed reading ebook.
  10. Emotional intelligence ebook.
  11. How to draw/paint/craft.
  12. How to use photoshop/excel etc


  • Affiliates (you get commissions from links you share on your posts when your readers use them);
  1. Amazon
  2. ShareASale. This network offers products like clothes and accessories.
  3. FlexOffers
  4. Commission Junction. This affiliate has a wide range of products to offer and highly reliable.
  5. Clickbank. Focused on affiliates for digital products.
  6. Rakuten. Contains affiliates for many leading brands.
  7. eBay
  8. AffiBank
  9. Shutterfly
  10. Target
  11. Toys R Us
  12. StitchFix
  13. Bloomingdales
  14. BigLots
  15. Walmart
  16. TJMaxx
  17. Burlington
  18. Dillards
  19. Macy’s


  • You could also start your own affiliate program with any of the following platforms;
  1. Ambassador
  2. Jrox
  3. Post affiliate pro
  4. OsiAffiliate
  5. iDevAffiliate


  • Ads (you’ll need good traffic to take full advantage of this option)
  1. Google Adsense: intext ads managed by Google.
  2. Infolinks. Offer in-text ads and have flexible payment methods.
  3. Chitika. It helps you customize your ads as you would want and you can use it along with Google Adsense.
  4. BuySellAds. You can sell your own adverts to others on this platform.
  5. BlogAds. Works like BuySellAds and you could also get a commission if you make referrals for others to join.
  6. PopAds. Though many dislike popups, it’s still an option. You can set your price and earn by making referrals as well.
  7. Mediavine. Offers ad services, as well as influencer marketing and making money from videos.
  8. Powered by Yahoo Bing network, this platform is strategic in determining the best keywords to use for ads based on your audience.
  9. Blogher. Targeted at a specific audience and include resources to grow your traffic.
  10. Revenue Hits. On this platform, you get paid per purchase and the earning chances are relatively higher than others.
  11. AdThrive. Specialists in ads, traffic growth, campaigns, video monetization and more. Like Chitika, adthrive studies your blog and customizes the ads.
  12. Clicksor. Offers options for in-text ads, banners, and other advert methods.


  • Services (things a blogger can offer to do and get paid for)
  1. Virtual assistant
  2. Consulting
  3. Freelance writer
  4. Proofreading
  5. Virtual playdates
  6. Online coach
  7. Lifestyle blogging
  8. Travel blogging
  9. Home décor personal assistant
  10. Online personal stylist
  11. Facebook live exercise classes
  12. Voice lessons
  13. Virtual party planner
  14. Cooking assistant/recipe reader
  15. Healthy living coach
  16. Personal diet mentor
  17. Live yoga classes


  • Sponsored posts (leverages the traffic and success of a blog).
  1. The blogger network. Offers a vast number of blogging services.
  2. IZEA. This platform connects you with influential content creators.
  3. Social Spark. Connects bloggers with advertisers looking to get reviews on their products.
  4. Sponsored Reviews. Advertisers are ready to pay for bloggers to review their products.
  5. Mode media
  6. Collectively. They offer services relating to influencer marketing.
  7. Social fabric
  8. The SITS girls. Exclusive to female blogs and bloggers.
  9. Linqia. This platform also takes advantage of your following on social media platforms.
  10. Maven X. Suitable for any niche, and adopts some of Pinterest’s methods like creating boards. You can get opportunities for sponsored posts and get paid when someone purchases from your board(s).
  11. Blog dash. A lot of opportunities for sponsored posts get posted on blog dash. You just need to be active enough as it goes to the fastest fingers.