About Me

My name is Shelby, I started Blogging Panther as a way to help newbies get started on their blogging career. 

Starting a blog, for me wasn’t the easiest of things to do, but I felt I had to get out there, without allowing my fears to catch up with me.

I started writing short poems on a Tumblr blog before I moved to WordPress and got a custom domain name for myself. Three years later, I read Seth Godin’s book on the impact you could have on writing a day online on your blog.

I took the challenge and I started writing about my experiences as a single mother. I had to learn everything from scratch, it took me four months to finally get my blog off the ground. 

When I did, I got comments from my readers who wanted to start a similar blog like mine and that’s how the Blogging Panther came into being.