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Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers: Tips For Making 6 Figures

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Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers

Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers: Tips For Making Six Figures

Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers: Tips For Making Six Figures

There are millions of blogs on the internet and thousands of people thinking of how and when to start a blog at any point in time. However, few out of this number know how to or that they can monetize their websites.

There are many tried and tested methods to use when you want to turn your blog into a money maker or earn some passive income, but the most basic and possibly the most popular way is affiliate marketing for bloggers. In a few words, affiliate marketing is all about leading readers and visitors to your site to a service or product in the hopes that they buy it and in exchange for a commission on the sale when it happens.

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The better your content and the higher the traffic that passes through the website of a blogger, the higher your chances of making money from affiliate marketing.


Top quality content attracts readers and keeps them coming back for more, and the readers soon begin to trust the blogger. As a blogger, when you gain the trust of your readers, you can monetize that trust by promoting products and services that are relevant to your post without reducing the quality of your content.

There are some steps you can take to make money from your blog through affiliate marketing.

  • Use an Affiliate Aggregator Service

If your blog covers a diverse range of topics, you can utilize a program like VigLink which gives automatic access to over thirty thousand affiliate programs and helps you monetize the link on your site.

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With this program, you don’t have to sign up with a particular affiliate program directly, and they work with VigLink which automatically adds the affiliate code to the link and pays the blogger the earned commission. It is important to note that VigLink charges 25% for this service, but they claim that this is because they negotiate higher commissions that cover their share.

The program can also insert new links for the blogger when they mention a product, brand or store.

  • Create Content with Sales Potential

Bloggers who want to sell will write product reviews for affiliate marketing. Blogs are excellent for affiliate marketing because they gain many readers for niche topics. As a result of this, they can make recommendations and provide affiliate links to these recommendations.

Affiliate advertising is an additional resource for your content especially when you have given detailed reviews of the product or service you blog about. Your readers become interested in your post and act on the information that you have provided by clicking on the affiliate link and making a purchase.

  • Pick Relevant Affiliate Programs

When you post ad links that are relevant to your content, your readers are better persuaded to click on the link and perform whatever action is required. If they do not click on these links, you may not make any money as affiliate ads usually pay per action. Your readers have to click on the ad and sign up, register or make a purchase before the affiliate company pays you for the action.

If you blog about a niche topic, you should join an affiliate that is related to your content and search for the type of program that will provide relevant ads for your blog.

  • Integrate Affiliate Links Properly

Making money from affiliate marketing is nice but it is not an excuse to make your blog all about the ads and links, or your readers will begin to lose interest. It is crucial to maintain a balance between user experience and monetization, and you can achieve this balance by keeping most of your content ad-free.

  • Choose Quality Products

You have to choose a product or service to advertise but make sure you don’t just pick a random product. Pick a product or service that you can vouch for and not one with questionable quality. Preferably a product or service that you have tried and one that has a good affiliate program, a reasonable commission rate, and a trustworthy merchant.


Follow these two guidelines to ensure that you recommend only top notch products and services to your readers.

  1. If you can give the product a rating of four out of five based on your experience, then you can recommend it on your blog.
  2. If it has a good affiliate program with tools such as custom link tracking and more, you can recommend it on your blog.


  • Write Product Reviews

Product reviews persuade people to click your affiliate links because your readers rely on your reviews to make a purchase and most of them will take action if your review is positive.