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How Much Does it Really Cost to Start a Blog?

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How Much Does it Really Cost to Start a Blog?

How Much Does it Really Cost to Start a Blog?

Capital and operating costs exist in the blog world as much as they do in the corporate world. These costs largely depend on the complexity of your blog and your ideas regarding the way you want your blog to look.

This article covers the necessities to get your blog up and running and also gives a sense of the costs of other accessories you may want to add to your blog site.

The Blogging business

If you plan to make money from your blog or to have a wide readership, then you have to treat your blog like you would treat any other business. Starting and running a business is not free, you have to spend some money to make more money.

You also have to consider the possibility that your blog may not generate revenue or that it won’t generate revenue as quickly as you want.  However, don’t get pessimistic, you can make a lot of money from blogging.

As with many other things, there are shortcuts you can take to create your blog free of charge, but those shortcuts may not be a good idea if you are trying to make money. Options such as free blog hosting, software, email marketing and themes will significantly limit your blog. Blog hosting and email marketing will cost you money, but it is always better to pay for these things. For instance, If you decide to use a free email service like MailChimp, you will be unable to use affiliate marketing in your emails. This is a significant limitation as affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and most popular ways for bloggers to earn revenue from their blogs.

First Three Months and Beyond

The first few months of starting a blog will cost you, and some of these costs are inevitable. Some of them are;


  • Domain name


The domain name falls under operational cost even though you need to pay for it to get started. This is the unique identity of your blog with which your readers would find you. Getting a domain name will cost you because you may not be the only person who wants to use a particular name for a blog; you just called dibs, and you need to pay for initial and continual use of the name on a yearly basis so that the name would not be given to someone else. The price is not dependent on much but the service company that issues it and is usually not more than $15 yearly. We recommend buying your domain name on Bluehost.


  • Web hosting


Just as the name suggests, this cost gives you license to ‘host’ your content on the web so that it is accessible to any user of the internet. It is also an operational cost, usually renewed on a monthly basis but may have an option for annual renewal, depending on the web hosting company you go with. Generally, web hosting costs about $10 monthly, but there is also the option of shared hosting which you could pay for as low as $5 monthly. Bluehost and Siteground are examples of web hosting companies.


  • Blog site


This is the place where you put down all the things you’d like to share with your target audience before hosting it on the internet. The platform that is used by most blogs for this purpose is WordPress, and it is free!


  • Blogging Courses


The most successful people are the ones who continuously work on themselves and do everything in their power to improve on their craft. If you want your blog to be among the best, you have to continually work on improving it, both regarding the content you produce and the platform you present it on. Various blogging courses on the internet can assist you in developing your blog and gaining a wider readership while generating more revenue. Most of these courses will cost you, but if you want the best, you have to be willing to pay for it. The bloggers who teach these courses will reserve the most important and useful information for paying clients. Blogging courses may cost anything from $49 to $1000. When you draw up your blogging budget, remember to add some blogging courses.


Other Costs


  • Content

This refers to the articles to be covered by your blog. Blogging may be too demanding for you and cause you to employ the services of writers. The cost of each piece can be estimated to be about $100 for a 500-word article.

  • Themes

The look and feel of your blog endears your readers. Under WordPress, there are associated themes you can choose from, which may or may not require payment. You also have the option of personally customizing your theme for your blog which you could get done by paying a designer. The cost of a customized theme largely depends on the complexities involved and your designer. The range of prices for a blog theme is from $0 to about $3000.

  • WordPress plugins

They are used to give enhanced features to your blog such as flexibility with editing articles, security, spam blockage, contact with readers, an avenue for subscriptions and even search engine optimization. Some plugins are free but may require payment for premium versions and others may not be free at all.

  • Equipment

Starting a blog is not the same thing as opening a gym, but it will require some hardware and whatever you need will vary according to what you blog about. Standard blogging equipment regardless of your content includes; regular access to good internet and a working laptop.

  • Branding

Designing a logo for your blog may also be necessary if you aim at making a brand from your blog. Also, it can go from free to up to $50 or more when you employ the service of a professional designer.

The truth is, no standard budget cuts across all blogs to serve as a guide for how much you would spend to start a blog. There are budget calculators for blogs that you can use to make estimates on how much you would need, based on the goals you’ve defined for your blog. You may need to purchase a laptop with enhanced features, camera, microphone and even tripods depending on your goals and the demands of the blog you want. This article gives you an idea of what to expect regarding cost, based on the assumption that you already have at least a working laptop to start with, and you’re running the blog alone. You should be looking at about $150 for the first year of your blogging journey for the absolute beginner necessities.