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How to Become a Full-time Blogger in Less Than a Year

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From trying to leave a frustrating corporate job, to a desire for independence, many factors push people to find ways to be in total control of their personal and financial affairs, mainly through blogging.

Stories shared by bloggers who quit their jobs to go into full-time blogging are significant sources of encouragement for others to do the same. Nevertheless, there are loopholes to avoid and principles that help one adapt on the pathway to becoming a successful full-time blogger, in less than a year.



If you are still very skeptical about blogging full time, chances are, you’d probably quit before the year is over because you won’t have reason enough to stick with it. Don’t look at blogging as an escape route from the hard work of the corporate world. P.S. it is equally as hard, just with you as both the boss and the employee. So technically, harder. Many full-time bloggers that share their stories often describe it as though they could see no other way but blogging. Your reason for going into it should be enough to keep you at it.




It is essential to create a strategy after deciding to blog full-time. Setting up a plan significantly reduces the chances of failure. I mean, if you can get it right the first time by planning, why not? You’d need to weigh your money-making options from blogging to see how viable they’ll be, how you plan to sustain your blog and what goals you’re reaching toward. Part of planning would be to decide what you want to talk about by analyzing your potential audience, concerning what you’re passionate about.



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When you start to procrastinate, you may end up not getting anything done. You could get discouraged or lose your initial momentum or passion which is critical to succeeding in the first trial. Besides, why procrastinate, when you have the chance of feeling fulfilled by doing what you love! As you start, make an effort to do thorough research so you could supply your readers with high-quality content. Start your blog today. It’s the most important aspect of becoming a full-time blogger.

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To have good returns, you must make good investments. Many bloggers have offered to save us the trouble of making the same mistakes they did by sharing their experiences in the form of online courses. It is up to you to weigh the costs of the courses and the errors and decide the risk you can afford to take. It is wiser to invest in learning. Your site’s theme, design, and performance may also require some financial commitments, and you should be ready to make them. Take your blog as a business, make the necessary investments and don’t expect to break even in the first month. Other non-monetary investments could involve making the most of your social media platforms, improving your content and serving your readers with what they want. Create surveys, and work with the results.



This would involve strategies to grow your blog’s traffic, increase number and quality of content, and improve the monetary worth of your blog.

To grow your traffic, actively work with Pinterest and other social media platforms. Learn how to use search engine optimization to increase your views; network with other bloggers and have guest posts on their sites. Take time to create catchy titles for your articles, collect emails and use them to improve your blog’s performance by making it easy for your visitors to navigate.

Regarding your content quantity and quality, be open to having other bloggers guest post on your blog. Write transparently: readers love to read what they can identify with.


Everything you write should not just be “from the heart.” Pour out your soul to your readers but take a cue from the experiences of other bloggers as well. Invest in your articles such that your readers know that they are custom-written for them.

Improving the monetary worth of your blog is a function of your traffic’s growth and your content’s quality combined with intentional income generating strategies. One significant way most bloggers create most of their income is through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing involves you putting up links for purchasing products through your blog. You earn money when anyone buys with your link. Another recommended way to make money is to sell your product. Write and publish ebooks or offer online courses in an area of your expertise. Other recommendations are through blog sponsorships and display advertisements.

Above all else, be determined and never give up!

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