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How To Find Blog Topics Your Readers Will Love

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How To Find Blog Topics Your Readers Will Love

How To Find Blog Topics Your Readers Will Love

Your content is the most important thing about your blog because it is what makes visitors interested in your blog. It is not too difficult to create good content, especially if you are blogging about something you love.

When you blog about something that you are passionate about, and you keep it interesting and engaging, you won’t have a shortage of readers and visitors. You can find blog topics anywhere, and you can come up with them by yourself or enlist some help from the internet.

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You can also get blog topics from keyphrase research, a powerful tool for many content strategists.


If you have writer’s block, there are some tips you can use to find blog topics for your website.



Anytime you type input something into the Google search bar, suggested topics pop up as the search engine tries to complete your query with a longer phrase automatically. This is an excellent feature for searchers, but it is even more superb for bloggers.


When you type in a question word and a topic word, Google will come up with a list of blog topics you can use. The more letters you add, the more suggestions pop up. However, this may take some time especially if you plan to add all the letters of the alphabet. A good way to fast-track it is to make use of tools, one of which is called the Keyword Tool.


Some of the topics are unique, and you may not have come across them but they are sourced directly from Google, and that shows that there is a demand for the topic in search engines.

Another useful tool you can make use of is SerpStat. This tool has a feature that filters question phrases. Although it doesn’t remove duplicates as well as Keyword, it does function well enough.


  • Try out Google’s Keyword Planner


The planner is excellent for researching keywords. The keyword planner is part of Adwords, but you don’t have to advertise on Adwords to utilize it although you have to log in with a Google account. This tool can suggest upwards of eight hundred phrases and each of the suggestions have a ranking advantage.

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  • Don’t be afraid to follow Trends


Google Trends shows the trending for phrases over a period but it also makes suggestions, and it is a useful tool for checking seasonality. It is essential to time the seasonal topics carefully, so you don’t end up picking irrelevant topics.

You can also use trends to estimate the popularity of two different topics and find out which is more popular at that moment. Make sure to write up and publish these topics quickly.


  • Take advantage of Social Media Platforms


You can also hop on favorite trends and source for great ideas on social media. Social media is powerful, and all the relevant platforms can get you as many ideas as you dare to look for. Buzzfeed is an excellent example of a website that thrives on popular information and pop culture trends that fly about on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Luckily, social media data is public, and the information is readily and freely available.


  • Go for Topics that are making the Rounds


This is an essential tip because topics that get shared a lot might be what you need to drive traffic to your blog. BuzzSumo is another powerful tool that you can use, it has a paid and free version, and you can use either for getting topics on social media.

Input any phrase into the BuzzSumo Content Research tool, and in a few short seconds, you will see the most shared posts on the topic. These articles are broken down by social network showing where each piece got the best results.


You can also use BuzzSumo Facebook Analyzer to know how to find Blog topics on Facebook. Just set the date range for the past year to find a long-lasting social topic or for twenty-four hours to find trending topics.

You can use BuzzSumo to find out who shared what, especially viral posts and you can collaborate with them while you are writing it.