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How To Make Money On Pinterest With Affiliate Links

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How To Make Money On Pinterest With Affiliate Links


How To Make Money On Pinterest With Affiliate Links

When you get a commission from selling a product, you are an affiliate for said product and an agent of the product or company you are selling.

Some popular examples of affiliates are travel agents, insurance salesmen or MLM direct sellers.

It is quite possible to make money without creating blog posts, and the easiest way to do this is through affiliate marketing. Affiliates generate the bulk of revenue for a majority of bloggers, and they are an excellent way to increase income if you are new to the blogverse. Many bloggers become affiliates to generate a passive stream of income.


Pinners looking to make money through Pinterest are in luck as they can add direct affiliate links to their pins without having to go through a blog. This means that you can market to a considerable number of active Pinterest users directly and free of charge.


When a pinner clicks on an affiliate link from Pinterest, they are redirected to the merchant and the affiliate receives a cut for each sale.


You can link just about anything on Pinterest. It is also possible that pinned links on your boards without realizing it. The most popular items people link are fashion and retail items, ebooks and baby items.


When you have found a niche or some products you are interested in, you can search for the top paying affiliate networks and link them.


There are a few tips you can follow to ensure you get the most out of Pinterest as an affiliate.


  • Improve Your Pin Descriptions

Pin descriptions are a subtle way of advertising whatever product or service you are selling or recommending.  If you want your pin to rank high in Pinterest search, use SEO keywords that are related to the item you are promoting.

You can write interesting and honest brief reviews of the products in the pin description. In a few sentences, explain what you love about the product, what the product is and what value the product has provided and how it has helped you. Make sure that the description is personal, engaging and relatable. Listing the product name and price will only let your pin disappear among thousand other affiliate links on Pinterest. If you want your pin to stand out, make people fall in love with the product by showing them how it has helped you.


  • Make Sure It Blends Perfectly With Your Boards

Your affiliate pin should stand out, but it should also fit perfectly on your page or naturally blend into the categories of one of your boards.

Your Pinterest boards should have a particular aesthetic, and you don’t want to ruin that by just posting an unrelated pin wherever you want.

Posting random pins won’t go well with your readers, and you will probably lose some credibility and some followers.


  • Make A Particular Board For Your Favorite Tools And Resources

Instead of randomly posting affiliate pins that don’t fit on your boards, you can create a board specifically for that purpose. You can create a board for your favorite tools, resources, products, and courses and you can add affiliate links that don’t fit in anywhere else.  


  • Link Products You Have Used

Just as you shouldn’t place random affiliate pins on your boards, you should not link products you know nothing about. You will make money from the affiliate pins, but in the long run, it might affect your Pinterest board and your readership and following.

You should only promote the products and services you have used or are familiar with so that your reviews are honest.


  • Reach Out To Your Favorite Brands

If you are not sure which affiliate program you like or wish to represent, you can contact your favorite brands directly and let them know who you are, why you love their brand and why you want to be an affiliate for their brand. Ask if you can work out an arrangement with them and inform them that you plan to use the affiliate links on Pinterest.


  • Use An Affiliate Link Disclosure

The FTC rules are still prevalent and to comply with them, be sure to mention on the pin image or in the pin description that you have used an affiliate link.