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How To Overcome Your Fear Of Blogging

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How To Overcome Your Fear Of Blogging

It’s normal to be skeptical and have doubts when embarking on a new endeavor especially when there’s so much competition, and the expectations are high for any difference to be noticed. Everyone has fears, but it is up to each one to decide what to do with those fears; to grow by them or remain stagnant because of them. Holding on to fear keeps you from moving forward. Whether you are about to start your blog or you already have one, here are a couple of suggestions you should adopt to overcome your fear of blogging.

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  • How To Overcome Fear Of Blogging – Change Your Attitude

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.  The good news is, it’s wholly up to us to decide what to do with what life gives us. So you have fears about blogging probably born out of a failed blog of yours in the past or the scary testimonies of other bloggers. You need to redirect your fears and decide that they would build you up and not bring you down or keep you in one spot. Take those fears as challenges to prove to yourself that you can create an excellent blog worthy of being read.

  • Be Open to Learning

It’s easy to classify everything that happens as either a success or a failure. Revamp your mindset to see everything as a lesson learned regardless of it being a success or a failure. Analyze your fears; why you have them and what could be the worst-case scenario if your worries eventually win. Chances are, the worst thing that may happen would not be so bad. Take the risk with the attitude to win but to learn regardless.

  • How To Overcome Fear Of Blogging – Welcome Criticism

Most fears are born from focusing on how others feel and what they think. It’s funny how they are also thinking of what others think of them, and you and your growing blog are not a priority. Nevertheless, take the comments and suggestions as tools to grow with. Critics may be in the form of readers that leave comments or other bloggers that give hints. Regardless of the way in which they may come, welcome them with an open mind and be willing to take corrections that would bring positive change to you and your blog.

  • Grow

Some fears may arise because you feel inexperienced and inadequate. Feeling sorry for yourself by being afraid would not give you the experience you need to build your confidence. Invest in yourself; improve your writing skills, carry out thorough research before writing an article. Since you have decided to blog, do it and let it be excellent.

  • Give

Although synonymous with growth, it is an extra mile. You can make room for more growth when you give. If you have not even started blogging, your fears are mainly a function of uncertainties. Shift your focus and concentrate on what gave you the idea to blog in the first place. It is worth sharing and enough reason for you to start. If you have started blogging and you are scared to continue, write for yourself and the sake of your other reader(s). Give what you have right now. You don’t have to lose your voice just because you have nothing to say at the moment.

  • Stay In Your Lane

Continually measuring yourself and your progress by the success of others is not healthy. You induce fear into your mind- all by yourself! Stop comparing yourself to other bloggers. Learn from them but measure your growth by comparing where you are today to where you were before.

  • Build Connections

Connecting with other bloggers can be a healthy way to overcome blogging fears. There’s much growth that comes from knowing you’re not alone. Some have passed through and overcome their concerns, others may just be passing through this fear stage. The good news is, you don’t have to face your fears all by yourself. Go out of your way to connect with other bloggers. You would muster enough strength to overcome your fears.