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How to Select the Perfect Blog Name

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How to Select the Perfect Blog Name

The first thing to note when choosing a name- for basically anything, is that a name is the sole representative of your brand. Ideally, your blog name should clearly state what you are about so that it can stick and be remembered by your potential readers. Your blog name is your blog’s identity. It pays to invest the time to find a great name for your blog than picking just anything now and having to change it after a little while.

  • Define Your Niche

What better way to introduce your blog than going straight to the point with your name. Blogs with keywords such as ‘travel,’ ‘culinary,’ ‘fashion’ directly suggests what the blog is all about. A blog name clearly defining your niche does not only resonate well with your target audience, but also with search engines.

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  • Make A List Of Words Related To Your Niche

Random words related to your niche can make the perfect blog name. You can google random words or check a thesaurus for more related words. Words like food, produce, cook, clean, chef, cookbook, recipes, parenting, kids, parenting tips, folks, mother, father, guardian, children, home, raising kids and more. You can also add in slang words for fun and to attract more diverse readers to your blog. Slangs like kiddos, casa, rent and phrase slang trending on social media platforms are a good choice.

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  • Make It Descriptive

Descriptive words tell potential readers what your blog is about before they even open it. Popular descriptive words like beautiful, friendly, resourceful are good options. You may add your name as well as what you do to make it even more interesting. Combine these words to create the perfect name and identity for your blog.

  • Leave Room for Expansion

You don’t need to set extreme limits with your blog name just because you want to define your niche with it. For instance, you could be really into heels at the beginning of your blogging journey, but it would be wiser to use ‘’ as a blog name than using just ‘’ The latter puts a constraint on you to always talk about heels in both your personal and featured posts. In selecting your preferred blog name, you should consider years down to the line and how much you would have grown and how much more you would want to expand, not losing your niche but incorporating a broader scope.

  • Use Name Generators

The internet has so much to offer for easier living including giving you a name for your blog. Sites like Wordoid and Namestation help startup bloggers like you generate blog names. You need to provide them with a set of keywords. What’s even better is they don’t stop there but go further to check if another site has used the name you are interested in.

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  • Check Similar Blogs

There is probably an existing blog on what you want to blog about- or at least something similar. Look at their blog names and check for similarities. There is a high chance you would get ideas for your blog name by checking with those identical blog sites. You can replace their keywords with a synonym and implement it for your blog.

  • Use Tenses

You want the name to be perfect, but you also want it to be remembered by your readers. It is a good idea to keep the title short and memorable. It’ll be easy to remember, and they will lower the chances of people mixing up the letters in your blog name. Your blog name should not be as long as the titles of your blog posts. Some guardrails you can stick to for your blog name; clearly state your niche, make it short, easy to spell and easy to remember.

  • Invent Words

Inventing words is fun, and you can do it. It is not as ridiculous as it sounds and it makes your blog far more interesting and unique. Inventing words for a blog name involves adding a twist to regular words. Adding an ‘i.e.’ to ‘fruits’ still keeps the authenticity of the word ‘fruit.’ Your reader will know what you are blogging about and they’ll probably be more excited to read your blog. It does not have to be tacky though. Carry out thorough research and ask others what they think.

  • Keep It Unique

Many considerations should go into selecting the ideal name to suit your blog. Above all else, it should be just yours; lose every form of ambiguity. Put yourself in the shoes of your readers and analyze how your blog name sounds as a domain name and how it would show up on a search engine. It should be clear and concise. Even when aiming for a unique title, you should avoid the use of special characters like hyphens, slashes or colons. Just bear in mind that the name should resonate with others as much as it does with you.