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10 Reasons Why You Should Start Blogging

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Reasons Why You Should Start Blogging

Reasons to Start Blogging

As an increasing number of people begin the journey of self-discovery, there is a  rising need for better forms of expression. Blogging is fast becoming one of the more significant platforms for people to express themselves.

There are several other reasons why you may choose to start blogging. If you haven’t found a reason yet, here are some that you can consider.

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People pass by each other with no idea of what the other person is thinking. Blogging serves as a means of self-expression. It is a way to share your ideas with the world, no matter how crazy or outlandish they seem. The blogging platform has exposed a lot in recent times; it gives us an idea of what people think and what they like, and it makes other seem relatable.

  • To Build Connections

People that share similar thoughts and ideas can form connections through blogging. That is one of the major appeals of social media. These platforms bring people with shared values and principles together, they foster healthy relationships and build strong bonds and support systems.

  • To Foster Growth

Blogging is challenging and the challenges it poses can aid personal growth. The need for research helps you to expand your knowledge, especially if you focus on a niche topic.

This helps you grow, both personally and professionally. When you blog, you engage with your readership and build a community which enables you to gain credibility while improving your communication skills.

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  • It Creates Value

Creating value is not isolated from blogging. When you do thorough research on blog topics and

make the information you discover available to those in need of it, you add value to your yourself and your community.

  • For Monetary Reasons

Majority of people aim to make from their passion and blogging provides a platform for that. Not only is it flexible, but you can also create multiple streams of income from your blog. You can decide to blog full time without being hurt financially, and you can choose to create a passive stream of income from blogging while doing another job.

  • Blogging gives you a Purpose

Blogging is also a way to identify your purpose. It helps you to get rid of surface living because

you begin to ask yourself your real values and principles and if you truly live by them. It helps

you become more accountable for the way you live your life.

  • It Increases your Influence

As you grow a community through your blog and build credibility, you will gain influence over certain affairs relevant to the issues you address. You can support good causes as a result of the leverage that you gain from blogging.

  • Blogging create Opportunities

You create opportunities for yourself, your brand and other people when you blog. You may get opportunities to speak and write to people, to promote your business and give others a platform to also express themselves.


  • It Expands your Mind

When your readers make comments on your blog posts, you are exposed to the different point of views, which causes you to open your mind to other angles of the same topic. This helps you to be open minded and eliminates myopia.


  • It produces the Butterfly Effect

We are constant contributors to the unending sea of chaos and randomness called the universe. As you create value and gain influence through blogging, you can make intentional and meaningful contributions to the world. When you challenge yourself and blog, you challenge your readers as well, and they can challenge others, and then more people would make positive contributions to the state of the world.