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Starting a Blog: The 5 Things Not To Do

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The 5 things not to do when you start to blog

Starting a Blog: The 5 Things Not To Do

Starting a blog is a huge deal, it is a scary and exciting experience especially if you are new to the blogging world. Many things could go wrong when you start your blog, and many things could go right too. Your success depends on how much time and effort you are willing to dedicate to blogging.

There are several steps to take on your journey to becoming a successful blogger, bloggers have taken those steps before you, and they are tried and tested measures to take.

You may have to figure out a few things all by yourself, after all, we learn best from our mistakes. However, you don’t have to learn everything from your mistakes; you can learn a few things from other people’s mistakes.  Here are five things to avoid if you want to stay on top of the blogging game.

  1. Avoid Free Blogging Sites

Free things can be quite tempting, after all, we don’t all have tons of money to spend on things we are passionate about. However, when it comes to blogging, free is not always the best way to start, especially if you plan to earn an income from your blog.  Avoid free blogging sites and self-host your site from the jump. The main issue with free sites like is that they don’t let you do sponsored posts, or have affiliate links and ads.

Having your domain name gives your site a professional look and businesses are encouraged to approach you for partnerships and collaborations.

Make sure you know the difference between free sites and the ones that let you self-host. For instance, is different from

Luckily, if you are on a tight budget, some sites will let you self-host for a paltry sum. Sites like Bluehost have a basic plan that will cost you a few Dollars, and when your blog blows up, you can always pay for an upgrade.

  1. Don’t Ignore Social Media

Social media platforms are currently one of the best ways to drive traffic to your blog and to make a name for yourself. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow you to pay a small amount to promote yourself or work; it is one of the cheapest forms of marketing. You can slowly but surely build a significant presence for yourself on the most popular social media platforms. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are some of the most popular platforms. Not only can you promote your blogs on these platforms, but you can also source for ideas, jump on new trends, form communities, communicate with other bloggers and interact with your readers.

A surefire way to promote your blog on these sites is to stand out from every other blogger. If your preferred site is Pinterest, make sure your pins are fabulous enough to get noticed and clicked on by several people.

If you are unsure of how to stand out, you can download courses on the internet that will guide you through the process.

  1. Don’t Toss Receipts

This may not be well known, but you can claim tax breaks from receipts from blogging-related expenses. It doesn’t even matter if you haven’t made any money from your blog, it is a business after all.

  1. Don’t Overspend On Your Blog When You Haven’t Made A Profit

You are excited about starting, and it’s understandable, we already mentioned that starting a blog can be super exciting. But don’t pour all your savings into at once or you may come out of it with plenty of regrets.

This is not to say that you should not invest in your blog, you should because your investments will ultimately yield a profit. However, you have to do so within reason. Many bloggers have gotten over-excited and splurged on courses, equipment, and more without first offsetting the cost of setting up. When you do that

Choose equipment, courses, classes and other things within your budget.

  1. Don’t Give Up

There are different phases of blogging, and the first few phases are the hardest, most people give up here, and you may be tempted to do the same. It only takes one moment or tweet or pin to make your big break if you keep at it.

Blogging is not easy, but nothing important is easy, and it takes a lot of patience and faith as well as hard work and dedication.

However, if you have taken a wrong step or done one of the don’ts on this list, do not despair. All you need to do is take a few steps back and re-evaluate your work.