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The Pinterest Tips I Used To Massively Grow My Blog’s Traffic

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Here are the Pinterest tips i used for growing my blog traffic by 800%.

Pinterest tips i used for growing my blog traffic

Pinterest tips for growing blog traffic

As a blogger, you will find that traffic means everything to your blog, whether it’s a comfort Food blog, a tech blog or whatever type of blog it is, except it is a personal blog and you prefer to hide it from the world. If that doesn’t describe you, then it’s the lifeblood of your blog and one of the fastest ways to increase your revenue.

However, There is one catch, the traffic has to be targeted. You could get millions of people scrolling through your blog, and it ends up being the equivalent of window-shopping because they don’t stop to buy what you are selling. That kind of traffic is pointless and of no use to you.

Pinterest is a social media platform that has been around for quite some time. Bloggers often overlook it as a means to promote their blog and instead focus on platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

By doing this, they end up missing out on the many perks that Pinterest has to offer. Here are some Pinterest tips on how to grow your blog’s traffic

  • Add A Call To Action To Your Profile

My first Pinterest tip for growing blog traffic is adding a call to action on your profile.

Offering people a product or service without equally offering an easy means to access or purchase it is a way of shooting yourself in the foot.  People lose interest when they have to climb mountains to buy your products, and they move on to another thing.

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Your Pinterest bio may be short but its the face you show the world as it is what potential followers will see when they visit your profile. When you add a Call to Action button to your profile, you are making the process of being hired or followed much easier for a potential reader.


  • Be Consistent With Branding 

Pinterest is a social media platform that focuses on aesthetics, it is visual, and that is why your pins must be consistent and attractive. If they are not consistent, readers may not realize that the pins are from the same website and readers won’t pay attention to them.

If you want your brand to stand out, you have to create a recognizable theme, one that has aesthetic appeal. It could be your pictures or filters, your color palette or your fonts, whatever you choose has to be consistent.


  • Make Pins That Are Share Worthy

Your pins are what make your Pinterest, and your brand stand out, and they are your money-makers. If your pins are not exciting and engaging, people won’t find them or pin them.


Share-worthy pins have similar characteristics;

  • Your pins should be vertical as vertical pins appear larger on the Pinterest feed.
  • You should add your blog posts title to your picture as it makes it more attractive to people scrolling through their feed.
  • Add a Call to Action button on your pin or in your pin description.
  • Apply for Rich Pins on Pinterest as they add extra information below your pin image and make your pin stand out more.
  • Add sharing buttons to your posts so that your visitors can easily share your pins.
  • Create A Lifestyle Board

It is crucial to create boards that resonate with your market or business. Add a potpourri of content such as household tips, lifestyle pictures, products and much more and make sure that they relate to your general board theme.  You can include a quote from an article that goes with the theme of your board, an attractive, quality image that emotionally connects with the blog theme and a direct link to your blog article.

  • Buff Up And Recycle Old Pins

You can repin your old posts after spicing them up. All you need is a new image with text or updates to your content. Repin your old post with the new image and pin it to boards as it applies so that as many readers as possible will see the post.

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  • Always Add Seo To Your Pins And Boards

There are many different search engines, Pinterest included, that is why you have to add Search Engine Optimisation to your pins so that they can pop up when someone searches for something similar on Pinterest. Add useful descriptions filled with keywords on every single pin you share from your blog and to your boards.

  • Get Rid Of Pins With No Repins

Deleting pins with no repins is a good idea because of Pinterest Smart Feed. Smart Feed is a Pinterest algorithm that shares pins in order of ‘best’ first instead of ‘newest’ first. That way, some of your pins may never be shared. Pinterest shares pins of power users more frequently, this is a bummer if you are not a power user just yet. However, when you delete pins with no repins, you are telling Pinterest you’re helping users find relevant pins, which is what power users do with their pins—they create value by sharing relevant pins.


  • Content Is King

Your content is important and should take center stage on your blog. To achieve this, make a particular board for your blog posts and make it the first board on your account. When a follower or potential reader views your profile, they see all of your posts, and they can scroll through, click on them and repin.

Know about any other Pinterest tips for growing blog traffic? Comment below.